Some Gmail users unable to send emails via SMTP server


In the last few years, Gmail has managed to stay as the largest email service provider in the world. Ever since the Google-owned service toppled Hotmail back in 2012, Gmail has grown multifold in terms of volume and user base.

It is so huge that Gmail has now more than 1.8 billion users all over the world, with more than 75% of all Gmail users using mobile devices to access the service.

The developers at Google make sure it stays relevant by constantly churning out new features that make the service more user-friendly. But all this sometimes leads to unwanted bugs and issues with the service that ends up doing the exact opposite.

Recently, some Gmail users said that they were unhappy with the blue-colored icons Gmail showed on important messages whereas others were annoyed by the delayed notifications and missing emails.

Having said that, some Gmail users are now reporting that they are unable to send emails via the SMTP server. Users say they get a “You no longer have access to xxxxx” when trying to send emails.

SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol and allows users to send or receive emails from services such as Gmail in other mail clients such as Mozilla Thunderbird and Apple Mail.

Came into work this morning and we are getting the same message for our work emails via gmail. It’s been working fine for over 10 years and now this. Any help would be great.

You no longer have access to XXXXXX . To send this email, choose a different “from” address and try again. Learn more at This is happening to me in my gmail … its been working perfectly and since yesterday not working. Can anyone guide me as to how to solve this issue?

Many use it for the very same purpose and were disappointed to find out that they were unable to use the SMTP Gmail server due to some authentication error. It is pretty standard practice for those having a company email address.

If you are facing the same issue, fortunately, there’s a workaround that seems to be working for some. Right now, it looks like removing and reading the account details fixes the Gmail SMTP server authentication issue.

You will get another verification code to ensure the safety of your device after which the service will start working once again.

Same issue here. Sending email using an alias from gmail through another SMTP server has suddenly stopped working. Editing the config in settings to check it won’t help. However, if you remove then add the account details again it will resume working. You will need your SMTP server, port, username, and password. You will be sent another verification code to ensure you own the mailbox. Annoying, but this looks like a fix. This must be confusing a lot of people.(Source)

In the meantime, do let us know if the workaround worked for you or not in the comment section below.

Update 1 (November 04)

1:19 pm (IST): A Diamond Product Expert has since come out to acknowledge this issue noting that the Gmail team is aware of this.

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