Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Scailer a web service?

No. Scailer is a desktop application that encrypts all sensitive data and stores it on your computer.

Where does Scailer connect to?

Scailer uses an encrypted connection to your mail server via IMAP or SMTP. It also connects to our services to check for version updates and contact information discovery, which uses your contact's email address to search the internet for publically-available information about them (e.g. social profiles).

When is Scailer updated?

Scailer will automatically update to a new version every quarter, and we will also release other updates as new features are created.

Can anyone read my email messages?

The database where email messages, addresses and passwords are stored on your computer has two-level encryption (without performance degradation) and is protected from computer viruses. Even if someone were to make a copy of your database, it could not be read by any other program or by another Scailer instance.

Are credentials stored encrypted?

All credentials are encrypted, so no one can extract them without authorization.

Why is Scailer not open source?

Scailer uses several proprietary algorithms that make it different from competitors.

Are open source components used in Scailer?


Does Scailer use third-party services?

The app sends IMAP and SMTP commands to your mail server via a secure connection with credentials you provide. It also sends email addresses of your contacts to our own remote search engine, which uses a secure connection to search the internet for publically-available information about your contacts. You can disable contact information discovery if you wish, without affecting the app’s other functions.

Does Scailer store anything remotely?

We remotely store only publically-available data about your contacts that has been found using our contact information discovery feature. Encrypted messages and passwords are stored on your computer.

Besides the recipients, will Scailer send my emails to anyone else?

Because your messages are encrypted and stored only on your computer, no third-party servers are involved. You may opt in to helping us improve Scailer by selecting "Automatically send error reports" in the settings. These error reports are stored on our servers, and may contain fragments of a message if related to the error that occurred.

Will any important messages get filed in the Promo and Robots mailboxes?

Important email messages (security notifications, password reset requests, trial expirations, etc.) are displayed in your Contacts mailbox.

Does Scailer understand my email messages?

Not in the human "reading" sense. Scailer parses messages to transform them into a readable form, but it does not understand the message's content. Scailer has an embedded advertisement detector, but it also does not understand your messages like a human.

Does Scailer display advertising content?

No. We want you to concentrate on your important emails – without distraction. Our app contains no advertisements. In addition, advertising emails from external sources are sorted into the Robots box.

How can I add rules?

We believe you do not need rules with Scailer, but if you prefer rules, you can add them via your email provider's interface. IMAP does not support rules, so Scailer cannot synchronize them. If you want to use several email clients or Scailer instances from different places, we recommend setting up rules directly in your mail provider's interface.

Where are my folders?

Because Scailer automatically categorizes your messages by contacts, we think you won’t need IMAP folders. If you still want them, however, they’re available via the advanced search window.

Why do I see sent messages in my inbox?

All emails related to a contact or group, including sent mail, are displayed by default. You can still see just sent mail by choosing the "sent" folder in the left panel.

How can I see all messages?

Scailer has a Contacts folder that includes all messages from your main contacts. There also is a Promo and Robots folder where you can see all periodic and marketing messages, if you'd like.

I have more than a thousand contacts. How does Scailer handle them all?

By default, Scailer sorts contacts by activity level, so the most active contacts are listed at the top. Contacts you may only use once per year are still there, and you can either search for them or scroll down.

Can I use multiple mail accounts?

Yes. You can merge multiple email accounts into a single Scailer instance.

Does Scailer support POP3?

Unfortunately, POP3 is outdated and lacks several important features, so it was not a smart option when we considered encryption and overall security. Scailer supports only IMAP v4rev1 and compatible protocols.

Does Scailer support SMTP?

Yes. Messages are sent via secure SMTP connection.

Does Scailer have a spam filter?

While many modern mail providers obtain excellent results in spam processing, Scailer is more aggressive, and will provide better security for users. That’s especially important as spammers become more sophisticated and phishing schemes become more prevalent. Scailer automatically detects advertising messages and hides them under the Promo and Robots tab, and it completely hides images in phishing messages.