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No more messy inbox. Grow your deals and easily track conversations with Scailer, the first secure application that groups emails by contacts.
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Emails are always safe and secure

The Scailer database is encrypted with a protected, machine-dependent key. Even if someone makes a copy of the database, they can’t use any other program or instance of Scailer to read your messages. Also, Scailer does not store passwords or OAuth2 keys on its own or third-party servers. Scailer keeps confidential information only on the user's computer in a protected storage and nowhere else.

Scailer complies with all General Data Protection Regulation requirements, the world’s most stringent personal privacy protection laws.

⚠️ Scailer does not store email messages or sensitive information on third-party servers, including Scailer servers.

Information at your fingertips

Scailer automatically organizes your inbox in an orderly thread. Scailer automatically retrieves contacts from your conversations and links related messages including messages sent by you.
Liam Herson
Noah Coob
Mason Sally
Liam Herson
Noah Coob
Mason Sally
Liam Herson

Great for freelancers

Scailer automatically merges contacts into groups. Easily follow communications for any client, team or for an entire company.

It is free!

Scailer’s extraordinary level of email security and convenience is free.
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Liam Herson
Noah Coob
Mason Sally

Multiple mail accounts

You can merge multiple email accounts into a single Scailer instance

Emails always available

No internet connection? No problem. Because your emails are stored on your Mac or PC, you can consult archived messages at any time, or write drafts to send later.

Updates history


/ version 1.0.183

  • improved attachments preview processing
  • improved fault tolerance
  • improved html attachment loading time to preview
  • fixed message history formatting
  • added loader for image attachments preview
  • added loader for pdf and office files attachments preview

/ version 1.0.182

  • corrected clipping message letter height in the middle panel on large display scales

/ version 1.0.181

  • improved the display of links in the message
  • improved application stability
  • improved handling error when the user previews files with password
  • fixed whitespace display in Subject of some messages
  • fixed Subject displaying in some messages
  • fixed message text displaying with encoding CP1252