Never lose an email again

No more messy inbox. Save time and easily track conversations with Scailer, the first affordable and secure application that groups emails by contacts.
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Emails are always safe and secure

The Scailer database is encrypted with a protected, machine-dependent key. Even if someone makes a copy of the database, they can’t use any other program or instance of Scailer to read your messages. Also, Scailer does not store passwords or OAuth2 keys on its own or third-party servers. Scailer keeps confidential information only on the user's computer and nowhere else.
⚠️ Scailer does not store email messages or sensitive information on third-party servers, including Scailer servers.

Information at your fingertips

Scailer automatically organizes your inbox in an orderly thread. No more wasted time setting up folders and processing rules. Scailer automatically retrieves contacts from your conversations and links related messages. Never lose track of customer information again!
Liam Herson
Noah Coob
Mason Sally
Liam Herson
Noah Coob
Mason Sally
Liam Herson

A free year of use

Scailer’s extraordinary level of email security and convenience is free until 2022. After that, our annual subscription will be easily affordable – about the price of a coffee for individuals or a client lunch for business users. Scailer complies with all General Data Protection Regulation requirements, the world’s most stringent personal privacy protection laws.

Declutter your inbox

Your inbox stays clean and focused. No more annoying marketing emails - Scailer stores advertisement and promotional contacts in a list called Robots. It’s there if you want to look, but it doesn’t get in the way of daily business.
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Liam Herson
Noah Coob
Mason Sally

Great for teams

Scailer automatically merges contacts into groups. Easily follow communications for any team or for an entire company.

Emails always available

No internet connection? No problem. Because your emails are stored on your Mac or PC, you can consult archived messages at any time, or write drafts to send later.

Updates history


/ version 1.0.179

  • fixed config initialization when Scailer starts
  • minor drafts UX fixes

/ version 1.0.178

  • fixed losing Scailer focus after closing dialog forms
  • fixed displaying of messages with buggy height, use Reload button to fix already received emails
  • fixed showing attachment saved popup
  • fixed transparency of attachment saved popup and message deleted popup
  • corrected context menu on inputs
  • corrected drafts UI in middle message bar
  • corrected display error notification in account settings
  • added saving draft before Scailer exit
  • improved saving draft before Scailer exit

/ version 1.0.177

  • reduced application exit time
  • improved error handling during downloading emails
  • improved drafts UX
  • fixed white screen when clicking New email button

Get Scailer for free

We are so confident Scailer will become an important part of your digital toolbox that we want you to try it for free. No tricks or gimmicks. When we move to annual subscriptions, Scailer subscribers will receive quarterly software updates and other improvements. If you're one of the first 100 users to give us feedback, you'll get updates for free, forever!